What are Botanicals?

A Botanical Garden is a garden that was created specifically to display as well as cultivate a multitude of plants. Most of the time this will be a collection of plants, local as well as exotic and it will feature plants from all over the world.

There are private but also public Botanical Garden and all of them are designed in order to offer their visitors a peaceful place where they can enjoy the beauty of plants. They also get the opportunity to become more patient and remove the stress that appears during the day.

Public Botanical Garden include not only local plants, but they also have collections of tropical plants, exotic plants and maybe even alpine plants. Depending on where they are located and what plants are hosted there, the Botanical Gardens will usually have shadehouses, greenhouses and other similar establishments that will help nurture the plants and keep them safe.

It’s important to note that most of the time the Botanical Gardens are ran by organizations or science related companies and you can rarely find people that create their own botanic garden.

The history of Botanical Gardens is very interesting, because the modern ones have the origins in medieval Europe, as they were used mostly as locations where people could grow medicinal plants. The interesting thing about them is that in time people have started to appreciate the great look and benefits that these gardens brought to the table so it’s really interesting to see how everything has managed to evolve throughout the years.

Nowadays, the Botanical Gardens are mostly created with the idea of plant conservation and sustainability in mind because lots of plant species are close to being extinct. This is mostly caused by the massive pollution that our planet has to go through right now but one thing is certain, the issues have started to become more and more serious throughout the years. Thankfully, with support from visitors and the local authorities but also the national governments, the Botanical Gardens have started to become a place where scientists are actively trying to save plants from all over the world.

There are mixed Botanical Gardens just like there are specialized botanical gardens to begin with and that does offer quite a lot of opportunities and a unique insight into how impressive and truly astonishing these botanical gardens really are.

From research to beauty and just a pleasant place to relax, there are lots of things to like about a Botanical garden, and that’s why you should visit one from time to time. Of course, these gardens are also active research centers that allow scientists to fully understand how these plants life and the medical or scientific properties that they have. If you have even a remote interest in plants then visiting a Botanical garden is a very good idea as it can get you one step closer to nature!